Yarra Trams Agreement

Yarra Trams is the commercial name for the Melbourne tram network, which is owned by VicTrack and leased to Yarra Trams by Public Transport Victoria on behalf of the Victorian government. The current franchise is managed by Keolis Downer. Since May 2014, 487 trams with 487 trams have been running on 26 tram lines and a free tourist tram from City Circle on 1,763 tram stops. With 250 km of two-lane rail, Melbourne`s tram network is the largest in the world. „RTBU management will now recommend to its tram steering committee that it accepts contract leaders.“ Yarra Trams, the privatized company responsible for the network in the CBD and interior suburbs, is fighting against the initiative of the railways, trams and buses union (RTBU) to negotiate a new collective agreement for companies (EBA) to strengthen wages and conditions. The announcement of last Friday`s sales is the result of these discussions. The union called for „significant improvements“ in conditions based on various issues such as medical examinations, disciplinary advice and working boards. The devil may be in the detail of these issues, but only a two-page summary of the agreement presented in principle by the RTBU is available to the public. Tram drivers must demand access to the full agreement and the appropriate time for a joint discussion before proceeding with a vote. Since January 2019, the fleet consists of more than 450 W, Z3, A1, B2, C1, C2, D and E trams, operated from eight depots. [25] „I`m not sure that the people who rely all this time on the trams, who have been suffering from these strikes for months, would accept this argument.“ After National Express (which operated the other half of the network) returned its Mr>Tram franchise after being unable to renegotiate financial terms, the state government temporarily took it back.

[13] [14] [15] In May 2003, the government announced the establishment of a single company to operate the two networks and negotiated with TransdevTSL to operate the unit. An agreement was reached in February 2004 and the networks were brought together under the Yarra Trams brand on 18 April 2004. [16] [17] Yarra Trams and the public transport union have reached an agreement that will prevent union action during the Grand Prix. Credit: The Age 3AW State Policy Journalist James Talia said the terms of the agreement are not yet clear. The announcement „in principle“ comes after months of maneuvering between the RTBU, Yarra Trams and the Victorian government. In late 2019 and early 2020, the union organised seven limited four-hour stops for Melbourne`s privatised tram system, the world`s largest operating network. The bureaucracy`s strategy has focused on insulating the tram drivers of their Metro Trains colleagues and regional V/Line drivers – both with the same requirements of the corporate government for more „flexibility“ of staff in the proposed new industrial contracts – and subordinating them to the State Government and the Fair Work Industrial Justice Scheme.