Wifi Terms Of Use Agreement

By using the service, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions as the basis for the use of the wireless internet access provided. 4.1. Linklaters offers this service „as besehen“ without any guarantee. They consider that all damage or loss is due to the use or inability to use the service. 4.2. To the extent permitted by law, Linklaters expressly disclaims all explicit or implied guarantees relating to the provision of this agreement and the implementation of that agreement by Linklaters, including, but not limited to unspoken guarantees of market accessibility, adequacy to a purpose or non-counterfeiting. Linklaters does not guarantee that the service will meet your needs or that the service will operate without interruption or without defects. Wi-Fi Alliance can change these conditions at any time by updating this contribution. You should visit this page from time to time to check the current conditions, as they are mandatory for you. Certain provisions of these conditions may be replaced by expressly designated references or legal conditions on certain pages of the Wi-Fi Alliance website. 5.1 You agree to compensate us in full for any claim or legal action that has been filed or threatened by someone else against us because you have appealed to the service in violation of these Terms and Conditions, in particular clauses 2.1 to 2.3 and 3.1 above. The use of this website depends on your acceptance of the terms and conditions below..

By using this site, you recognize that you accept these conditions. These conditions may change from time to time, so you should check them regularly to check for changes. Using the Site after such changes is your consent to the conditions in place at the time of use. This agreement defines the conditions under which you, a customer, a seller, a board member or employees of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences („The Academy“) will be offered free Wireless Internet access („the service“). 5.3 We agree that neither party, whether acting as an agent of the other party or acting as an agent of the other party, and that the terms of that agreement are not applicable by third parties under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. 5.2 While we do not try to limit our liability in the event of fraudulent misrepresentation or if you are injured or dying as a result of our negligence, we are not responsible (to the extent permitted by law), you (whether we act negligently or not) to compensate for direct financial losses, loss of earnings, turnover , time, expected savings or profits or revenues. , the opportunity to provide data, use, business, wasted expenses, interruption of service, loss resulting from disclosure of confidential information, losses resulting from or related to the use of the service or inability to use or access the service, or a malfunction, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service at any time or damage to physical property or other similar direct losses that may occur in this context. , whether we are ahead of the curve on the possibility of such a loss or such damage.