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When she returned to university at the age of 26 to study engineering, she felt like an outsider. Oakley failed a first test in a circuit class, she says, because she didn`t understand a concept the teacher had never introduced in class. Other students didn`t fail – and when she pressed, she learned that most of them had an old exam of him that revealed the trick. Rettinger ultimately believes that transparency is at the heart of this problem. „If students knew where faculty were getting the resources we use from and students were transparent about where they get their answers, that wouldn`t really be a problem,“ he says. Barbara Oakley had slightly different reasons for taking the Course Hero approach. „If you`ve been teaching a course for 15 to 20 years, it`s hard to find something new, so you can start recycling old tests from five or 10 years ago. From my point of view, if a student wants to look at five to 10 years of my old tests and there is something that I do [an exam], it means that they work very hard and cause a lot of problems. She also believes that when an author hired by Course Hero presents one of his course strategies, he will provide an understanding of it that few people outside his class could see. But this article also cited a longtime auxiliary instructor who recognizes the potential power of a learning-based social networking site. We believe it is crucial to support, empower and celebrate these educators and their contributions.