Wga Collaboration Agreement

Sometimes an author`s contract is part of an option/purchase agreement when additional paid rewriting services are required. An author`s contract also contains a „temporary work“ provision. I mention this only because it is a basic provision that allows the company that hires you to own what it pays you for. And you can drop the phrase at cocktails to impress your friends. Note: If you are a member of the WGA, some of the terms of an author`s agreement (and, to a lesser extent, option/purchase agreements) may also be governed by the terms of the agreement that the WGA has with „signatory“ companies (such as studios, networks, cable companies, production companies, and actual producers). For example, the minimum payment and screen credits are covered by the WGA MBA – Minimum Basic Agreement. Unless you are a WGA member, WGA registration is not required, and if you do not renew it regularly, it will expire after a period of several years. I don`t find the WGA app easier than the US copyright app, and I`m always surprised at how often authors choose to sign up for a WGA when it`s also possible to file a copyright online. I do not discourage WGA registration, and all evidence of creation and possession of a script is valuable, but WGA registration does not allow for legal damages and before a dispute, the US copyright registration must be completed. Since registration takes time for the life of the copyright, it makes a lot of sense to invest the time in a real copyright application.

With respect to WGA arbitration, production should be subject to the WGA`s Basic Agreement (MBA) for WGA arbitration to be enforced. .