Tenancy Agreement Job Description

The task of a renewal negotiator is essentially to negotiate the extension of a lease agreement at the highest possible price and for the longest possible duration, taking into account both the lessor and the tenant. In close collaboration with property managers and leasing teams, the renewal negotiator usually contacts the landlord and tenants three months before the lease renewal to determine whether the lease should be renewed and to ensure that all relevant documents are completed on time and in accordance with legal requirements. As with most rental jobs, renovation and rent management work requires a high level of customer service. You manage landlord-tenant correspondence to solve problems and requests, so excellent communication skills are valuable, as well as the ability to be proactive. Both roles also require a lot of teamwork, organization, excellent time management and attention to detail to ensure that the renewal process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have all these attributes and you also work in IT (z.B. Word and Excel), you can play a role in overtime and rent management. The tenant`s task is to effectively carry out the administrative aspects of all new leases in order to maximize the efficiency of the agreement`s progress for rental offices. They are responsible for the development of rental files, management and maintenance of specific files, while ensuring that the legislation in this area is updated and that everything is in between, the processing of references to the organization of inventories and gas safety checks. Working with landlords, tenants and office teams is an integral part of the role.

Whenever a lease is renewed, it is possible to review the contract and ensure that the rent always reflects current market conditions and, of course, that the landlord and tenant want to renew the lease rather than terminate it. The ultimate goal for those who work in both renovations and rental management is to keep tenants and landlords in good spirits at all stages of the renewal process. Here, we consider a rental area that you may not have taken into account; Extensions and rent management. If you are interested in a career in rent renewal and management, take a look at our current job offers or discover the many options available to you in the rental sector. This Leasing Agent job description template is optimized to be published on online job exchanges or career pages and can be easily adapted for your business. Post on job tips. A successful leasing consultant should be professional and knowledgeable, while having a solution-oriented approach to tailoring a client`s needs to the available features. The best candidates will be experienced networks with remarkable negotiating and problem-solving skills. We are looking for competent leasing agents to present and lease real estate to potential owners. The goal is to scout potential customers, turn them into reality and achieve high utilization rates.

The great thing about working in rentals is that there are so many ways to explore.