Sebts Housing Agreement

Housing applications can be submitted through the SEBTS Housing Office by completing the application online below. When signing the housing contract, a housing tax is required. The cost of living is: $300.00 for singles $300.00 for families Rent is payable monthly in advance with Stealey Hall`s accounting services. All students who want to live in campus housing must sign a housing contract if they move into housing. Students who reside in housing sign the housing contract. Students residing in residences sign the residency agreement. Our standard housing contract has two termination dates. A contract signed from January 1 to May 31 expires on May 31 of this year. An agreement signed from June 1 to December 31 ends on December 31 of this year.

In all cases, the contract is automatically renewed the day after the termination date, unless the detainee is withdrawn before the termination date. Please also note that no firearms are allowed in seminar camps. Campus accommodations are available to all students in the Southeast; However, they must be registered for at least six semesters. The Housing Office of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary strives to provide adequate, affordable, safe and comfortable housing for all devout men and women who come to the Southeast to prepare for Christian ministries around the world. Southeastern has accommodations for student families and residences or apartments for individual students. Commuters are also available for student families and single students who need accommodation for a few nights a week. Rent is payable in advance to Stealey Hall`s accounting services (See housing contract for conditions). All students who wish to live in campus housing must sign a housing agreement before moving to housing. Families living in apartments sign the Family Apartment Housing Agreement. Single students living in apartments will sign the Single Apartment Housing Agreement. Students residing in residences sign the residency agreement.

Due to a limited number of three-bedroom apartments, some restrictions apply. The three-bedroom apartments in Fletcher Village, McDowell and the Duplexes are limited to families with two children of the other sex, both aged at least six, or families with three or more children. The 3-bedroom apartments at Flaherty Farms are available on a limited basis for families who do not meet this requirement. Please note that pets are not allowed in seminary apartments that are not labelled as pets. Some apartments in Fletcher Village and Flaherty Farms are considered pet-friendly.