Return To Work Agreement Sag-Aftra

Carol Lombardini, President of AMPTP, added: „The health and safety of those working in the film and television industry is and remains our top priority. To ensure that employers can offer safe and healthy jobs, the industry – including representatives from Amazon, Apple, CBS, Disney, HBO Max, NBC Universal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. – conducted four months of thoughtful dialogue and meaningful negotiations with the inter-union bargaining committee. We are pleased to announce that this process has resulted today in a scientific agreement between employers and the trade union committee on the return to work for use in the coronavirus era. „While this process has not been easy, unprecedented union cooperation and unwavering solidarity have enabled our unions to benefit from strong protection from COVID 19, which will result in significantly safer jobs,“ said Matthew D. Loeb, IATSE`s International President. Q. Will the protocols change the casting process? A. Yes. Our executive recommends: (a) All first auditions should be virtual, unless there is a specific reason why a virtual audition would not suffice. b) The second „live“ auditions are scheduled at distances to take into account the physical spacing of the space, providing a waiting space for actors where physical space spacing can be requested and, if necessary, a maintenance and call option in the car.

(c) actors receive scripts/rundowns/digital calendars, with confidentiality provisions, i.e. digitally signed confidentiality agreements. (d) actors register from outside the casting area and are consulted through a text when it is their time. (e) When a group hearing is required, the actors must have a partition placed between them or, in the event of minimal wear, wear clear face protection walls, all of which must be provided by the manufacturer. The agreement on quarantine and sick pay is another important element of the agreement, which ensures that all employees per manufacturer will receive 10 days of sick leave covid-19. Employees who go on COVID-19 sick leave are reinstated as soon as they have been dismissed to return to work, as long as their position remains.