Paris Climate Agreement Lesson Plan

CEO / Inventor / Entrepreneur / Decision / Announcement / Climate / Emissions / Extraction / Fossil Fuels / Coal / Growth / Turnover / Plan B / Planet / Trend / Cleaner Energy President Trump has long appealed to the coal and fossil fuel industry. He believes that the exit from the Paris agreement will ease trade restrictions and promote growth. Supporters of Trump`s decision believe an exit from the agreement will help revitalize the U.S. coal industry and bring back the jobs and revenues it sorely needs in a previously lucrative industry. World leaders have condemned the withdrawal of the United States. The French president said, „There is no plan B for climate because there is no planet B.“ With or without the support of the United States, the world is on an irreversible trend towards clean energy. The exit from the Paris Agreement could be a blow to the global influence and leadership of the United States on environmental issues. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) (Conference of the Parties) has followed nearly 20 years of largely failed efforts to forge a useful international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases. Many world leaders, including President Obama, have called the negotiations the last and best chance to prevent global temperatures from reaching catastrophic levels. The agreement was the culmination of two weeks of intense negotiations between delegates from all parts of the world, gathered in a huge tent city on the outskirts of Paris to settle the countless details involved in one of the most complex international agreements ever attempted.

Elon Musk, a world-renowned CEO, inventor and entrepreneur, has decided to step down from his position on Trump`s corporate board. This after recently defending his role as an adviser to US President Donald Trump. His decision came as Trump announced friday that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the climate agreement reached for greenhouse gas emissions until 2020 and signed by 195 countries. Musk tweeted: „Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or for the world. Musk is not the only prominent figure to step away from the board. Disney CEO Bob Iger will also resign for similar reasons. Talk to a classmate about what you know about the Paris climate agreement. What did President Donald J. Trump promise during the 2016 presidential campaign to involve the United States in the Paris agreement? 3) the climate agreement for greenhouse uses ____a. Gas emissions b. Gas emissions c.

Gas Emissions Gas Emissions Although the United States commits to reducing emissions by 26% of the 2005 level, they are more ambitious than some major CO2-emitting nations such as Russia, but they are fading compared to many other developed countries, including the 28 European Union countries, all of which have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2030. 3. Climate CHANGE: Make a poster on climate change.