Enterprise Car Rental Agreements

Enterprise Car Rental Agreements: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to business travel, one of the most critical decisions you`ll make is choosing the right rental car company. For many businesses, Enterprise Car Rental is the go-to choice. But before you sign on the dotted line, it`s important to understand the ins and outs of Enterprise car rental agreements.

What is an Enterprise Car Rental Agreement?

An Enterprise car rental agreement is a legal contract between you and Enterprise. It outlines the terms and conditions of your car rental, including the rental period, rental fees, and any additional charges or insurance coverage. This agreement is binding, so it`s essential that you read and understand all the terms before signing.

What`s Included in an Enterprise Car Rental Agreement?

An Enterprise car rental agreement typically includes the following information:

– Rental period: The start and end dates of your rental.

– Rental fees: The cost of the rental, including any additional fees or charges.

– Rental location: The Enterprise location where you`ll pick up and drop off the car.

– Vehicle information: The make and model of the car you`ll be renting.

– Insurance coverage: The type and level of insurance coverage you`ve chosen, including liability coverage, collision coverage, and personal accident insurance.

– Fuel policy: The fuel policy of the rental, such as returning the car with a full tank of gas.

– Restrictions: Any restrictions on the use of the rental, such as distance restrictions or restrictions on the types of roads you can drive on.

– Additional drivers: Rules and restrictions surrounding additional drivers, including their age and driving experience.

– Late fees: The fees you`ll incur if you return the car late.

– Damage fees: The fees you`ll incur if you damage the rental car.

Tips for Enterprise Car Rental Agreements

Before you sign an Enterprise car rental agreement, keep the following tips in mind:

– Read the agreement carefully: Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement before you sign. If you don`t understand something, ask for clarification.

– Know your insurance options: Enterprise offers different types of insurance coverage. Make sure you understand what`s included in each option and choose the coverage that`s right for you.

– Check the rental car: Before you accept the rental car, inspect it for any damage or issues. Take photos if necessary and report any issues to Enterprise. This will help you avoid damage fees when you return the car.

– Return the car on time: Late fees can add up quickly, so make sure you return the rental car on time. Plan ahead to allow for traffic or unexpected delays.


Choosing Enterprise for your business car rental can be a smart choice, but it`s critical to understand the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. By reading the agreement carefully, choosing the right insurance coverage, inspecting the rental car, and returning it on time, you can make your Enterprise car rental experience smooth and hassle-free.