Buy Back Agreement Farming

A contract between a farmer and a seller in which the seller agrees to buy back the property from the buyer if a given event occurs within a specified time frame. In this agreement, we are dealing with farmers for the cultivation of medicinal plants; conditions and conditions are granted per harvest. Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS) is committed to rural development by increasing farmers and women. Our motto is to bring the wealth of the farmers` family through sustainable and innovative agriculture, with the commercial cultivation of medicinal plants, horticultural plants, flower crops, essential oilseeds, biodiesel and forest plants. We only motivate these farming practices through organic farming, so that we can dream of a healthy farmer and a healthy India. We are dedicated to the development of farmers and strengthening the role of women through agriculture and skills development. At each stage, we provide guidance for farmer growth. The main problem facing the farmer is how he would be able to sell his own crop, and we solve his big issue through buy-back agreements. SAMI LABS started almost a decade and a half ago in contracted medicinal plant farming. Although we have had modest beginnings with a handful of farmers, we have made significant progress in this area over the years of long-standing efforts. Right now, we have a very large group of farmers who grow medicinal plants on thousands of hectares in different states. We have set up a unique contractual culture model in which our peasant friends are considered our partners.

– Stevia World offers these farmers a buy-back agreement for all the products on their farm with the products picked at the door of the farm itself. Farming with stevia World, we provide farmers with the information they need to grow stevia and improve their practices – in the right format and at the right time. With stevia farming under contract, we supplement technical assistance, evaluate soil elements, plan to implement best practices and improvements for better production, and monitor progress in their businesses over time. As a responsible industry, SAMI LABS recognizes the importance of:- Farmers can achieve huge productivity gains if they have access to best agricultural practices and the necessary information on what to grow, when to grow. 11, 11, 1 List of state-certified and approved herbaceous plants? 10. How can you choose medicinal plants based on your environment, soil and water availability? 14. Promotion of plant plants according to state systems? 12. Climate conditions, environmental improvement and soil improvement.